Felt like doing this today. My favorite turtle

yo follow jd aiite


Felt like doing this today. My favorite turtle

yo follow jd aiite




PARKER SIMMONS / I Love You Mao Mao teaser 1:18

This is a teaser for an upcoming short by Parker Simmons, a director/animator/lover at Titmouse! I Love You Mao Mao stars Mao Mao, the explosive, masterful sheriff of the Snuggleshire who’ll do ANYTHING to maintain law and order.

On the top left is the first ever drawing of Mao Mao, followed by some poses/concepts! Mao Mao’s color scheme is based on Link at the end of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. Black, red and green with a gold sword!

The first drawings of Adorabat (above) followed by some poses (below). The decision was made to nix the wing hands and just give him/her straight up flaps.

Adorabat is Mao Mao’s A-Number 1 deputy. (S)he loves action, secrecy and violence. Adorabat is a little TOO excited to work with his/her hero, Mao Mao.

The first drawings of Bearclops (above). Titmouse Art Director Antonio Cannobio gave the note to get rid of the muzzle and make his mouth more graphic.

Bearclops is Mao Mao’s best friend and deputy. He’s level-headed, relaxed and quick-witted. He’s just about the only person who could crack jokes about the Sheriff and keep his head. His robotic arm holds many secrets.

The new short will be out before you know it, and you’ll get to know these jokers a bit more then. Until that time, here’s the official model sheet for the Sheriff!

You guys been following shirts and shorts? You should! They show off a bunch of great shorts by Titmice and also debut cool shirts.

I love this cartoon with all of my twisted black heart.

Love that Mao Mao

jesus mappy what is your damage

This is gonna be a new chapter in her friend fiction tonight! [x] [x]

This is gonna be a new chapter in her friend fiction tonight! [x] [x]

I’ve got a little chill, I think I may have a fever!

I’ve got a little chill, I think I may have a fever!




Pull up a stool and raise a glass! Today marks the opening of our humble tavern, and we’re stocked with enough black-label, triple-distilled comics to read yourself under the table.

Papercut Tavern is a collective of New York-based cartoonists who brew new stories every week, filling patrons’ ears with tales of tragic love, swashbuckling adventure, and utter foolishness, all while topping off their glasses with potent potions. Our tavern is host to new work from Kat Fajardo, Kou Chen, Andrea KendrickPablo Castro, Victoria Lau, Eric Alexander Arroyo, Heather Nunnelly, and Aodhan Cummings!

Each series updates weekly, guaranteeing a new comic page every day of the week!

So prop up your feet and open a tab, ’cause we’ve got some stories to tell.

It’s here, everyone! Papercut Tavern features the work of some mega rad comic artists and they’re all worth checking out!  There’s something new to come back to every day at PT, so spread the word and bring your friends! 

My comic, my rage is a whisper, is a one-chapter short, guest-featuring at PT, while the rest of the selection contains some awesome on-going series! 

Reblogging from my art blog, but seriously guys I’m really excited.  Help spread the word and check it out!




Pack the Pack is a really cool tabletop game by my pal Meg, who’s part of a teeny indie game company called Games by Playdate. It’s a brilliant mix of D&D, Puzzle Fighters and Resident Evil inventory tetris, played with clackity dominoes and shouting. It’s dumb, fun, and GREAT, and it’s been my pleasure to be its illustrator!

If the name sounds familiar to you, it was a finalist on Season 1 of Cards Against Humanity’s Tabletop Deathmatchcheck out its episode and a great interview with Meg here— and I’ve been posting a bunch of art on my Tumblr from it for the past month, and will be posting more as the campaign goes on!

Games by Playdate are great folks. They are the kind of clients who told me to make the characters in Pack the Pack as racially and gender diverse as possible, because their passion is making games for everybody. They’re great people that make good things that make the world a little bit better, and they’re exactly the kind of people I try to support with my own money.

For my part, this is my first direct involvement in a Kickstarted project, and I’m excited and nervous and thrilled about it. Please repost this blog! Getting the word out is the best way to get this project in front of people who love great games. And if you have the spare cash, please back it! You’ll be really glad you did. Thank you so much!


A friend’s project :)

HEY pack the pack looks like a seriously sick board game, especially since I seriously loved the inventory system from RE4. Plus that is one killer art style! Show your support for cool game-makers!

I like to think this ink does not stink

I like to think this ink does not stink


You showed some games, some really cool stuff and some cuteness. BUT OVERHYPING VIB RIBBON IS A SIN TO MANKIND. ALSO. WHERE THE FUCK IS THE LAST GUARDIAN.

We were SO CLOSE to a bingo this time!

At least there’s Nintendo to look forward to today!

(Also, in case you haven’t, make sure you mark off Minecraft and Suda51 from the general board!)